Tilt-Turn Windows

Tilt-Turn Windows

Distinctive style and flair

The very distinctive style and flair of a continental window, offering a chic appearance and combining ventilation with excellent security.

The clean, modest design of tilt turn windows is ideal for modern homes and is totally hassle free, offering the easy cleaning facility of being inward opening, allowing both sides of the glass to be cleaned from inside your property.

Draught-free ventilation

PVC Tilt-and-Turn windows allow you to ventilate your home without creating strong draughts. In the tilt position, the window allows fresh air to flow in freely at the top while allowing stale air to escape around the sides. When opened inwards from the side, the external sash can be cleaned easily and safely from inside your building.

Tilt-Turn Windows

Security assured

The Tilt-and-Turn window is extremely secure and is the ideal option for exposed sites or where ventilation is needed while maintaining security. Its side opening function also allows the window to be used as an effective fire escape. Like all of our windows, it combines durability with ease of use.

Keeping your property secure against burglars is a primary concern for all homeowners. That’s why our tilt-and-turn windows feature a host of robust and effective security features designed to keep intruders out. The robust steel reinforced PVC-U frame combined with a choice of high-security locks and hardware also help to keep burglars at bay.

Cleaning and maintenance has never been simpler

The innovative design of our tilt-and-turn windows means that they can easily be cleaned and maintained from within your home. What’s more, PVC-U requires very little maintenance to keep your windows looking as good as new. No painting or preservative treatments are required. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep the frames looking as bright and attractive as the day they were fitted.