Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical Sliding Windows

Classic window style

When you want to capture the classic, stylish looks of Georgian sliding windows, without the associated risks of draughts and poor security, PVC-U vertical sliding sash windows are the perfect solution. This advanced, precision-engineered window system enables you to enjoy the sophisticated style of the Georgian era, with all the performance benefits of PVC-U materials from the modern age.

Cutting-edge design

The cutting-edge design features triple brush seals for exceptional draught proofing, plus an anti-jemmy bar and reinforced hardware for optimum security. Both of the sliding upper and lower sashes also tilt inwards to enable safe and easy cleaning from inside your home. There’s an overhead vent to supply constant fresh air, and low-line beads and gaskets to improve sight lines and let in maximum levels of natural light.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Elegant looks

Our vertical sliding sash windows enables you to achieve a classic, distinctive look for your home, with all the high-performance, lowmaintenance benefits of PVC-U. The windows echo the timeless styling of the Georgian era, with two sliding sashes, decorative horns and sculpted ovolo frames. Plus, our unique sculpted Georgian bars and fixings subtly enhance aesthetics further, adding yet more character*. These attractive windows are guaranteed to create an eye-catching feature for any home, providing much sought-after cottage-style appearance.

A breath of fresh air

Our sliding sash windows have been designed to keep your home fresh and well ventilated. Both top and bottom sashes can be partially opened, allowing fresh air to enter through the lower opening while warm, stale air escapes through the top. This enables air to circulate constantly, keeping your rooms cool and fresh on hot summer days. In addition, an overhead vent allows a trickle of fresh air to flow into your home in all weathers, without compromising security.

Cleaning and maintenance has never been simpler

The innovative design of our vertical sliding sash windows means that they can easily be cleaned and maintained from within your home. As well as sliding up and down, both upper and lower sashes tilt inwards so that the outer panes can be accessed from inside the home. It means that windows above ground floor level can be cleaned safely without the need for ladders.

What’s more, PVC-U requires very little maintenance to keep your windows looking as good as new. No painting or preservative treatments are required. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep the frames looking as bright and attractive as the day they were fitted.

Built-in security

Keeping your property secure against burglars is a primary concern for all homeowners. That’s why our vertical sliding sash windows feature a host of robust and effective security features designed to keep intruders out. Crucially, the window has a tough aluminium anti-jemmy bar to prevent the sash from being levered open by force. The robust steel reinforced PVC-U frame combined with a choice of high-security locks and hardware also help to keep burglars at bay.